Onliest Freak on Wattpad

I’ve started posting my novel Onliest Freak on Wattpad, in installments (with illustrations and video).  The need to post regularly (because of the enthusiastic hoards of obsessed readers – haha) will give me the push I need to finish revising this freakin’ book! The story is about the power of friendship and the need to belong.

Here’s the blurb:

As usual, Roan messed everything up. Now, he must leave the forest where he was born into a hostile community, and venture into the “big people” world. There, he faces a difficult choice: should he help the people he betrayed or join forces with those who might teach him to control his new-found powers? Roan stands to lose everything — his oldest friend and his first crush — and maybe even his life.

Onliest Freak is a Middle Grade fantasy where the modern everyday world is a mystifying and dangerous place. When you’re a six-inch tall, thirteen year old boy from a hidden community deep in a forest, computers and shopping malls are as exotic as a far-away planet.

I am happy with the cover that I designed for the Wattpad site. Any comments and/or constructive criticisms would be very welcome.

Onliest Cover Wattpad

If you would like to read the story you will find it here:

My user name on Wattpad is MarieBee18

Please take a look and let me know what you think.


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